So are we.

Let’s cover a few common sales tactics purposely used to mislead merchants…

Process Direct!

“Cut Out the Middleman! Are you working with a ‘direct’ processor?”

If you have been solicited with the above or some variation, beware! This is a dead give away: You are about to be taken for a ride by a slick sales person.

There is always a new selling angle in this industry, but this one has seemed to stick. Probably because it makes a lot of sense.

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Bigger is Better!

“We are the 4th largest processor in the nation! Our network processes more transactions than any other network!!”

These things may or may not be true, but the question is, do you care? Maybe you care about the implied benefits that may come with such things – large scale pricing, stability, trust?

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“What’s Your Rate?”

This is often the first question a business owner will ask. We find there are two main reasons for this:

A) There is a “cut to the chase” mentality when dealing with merchant services. Business owners are fed up with sales people wasting their time.

B) Savings through better rates is the pitch of almost every sales rep in this industry.

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Free Terminal!

Free terminal…free software…free account…free support…free, free, free!”

As a business owner, how many of your products or services do you give away for free? If you do actually give something away for free, you must make it up some where, be it on another product or from another customer. You’ve heard it before, nothing is free.

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