Free Terminal!

“Free terminal…free software…free account…free support…free, free, free!”

As a business owner, how many of your products or services do you give away for free? If you do actually give something away for free, you must make it up some where, be it on another product or from another customer. You’ve heard it before, nothing is free.

This is another cheap trick of the industry. Rest assured, you are not getting something for free.

Two basic ways terminal cost is covered:

1. Your rates. Any processor would give you a free terminal if they make extra every month. You will either pay more in your rate, monthly or annual fee.

2. Contract. When the time comes you realize that your rates are not as good as presented, you will most likely find out there is a cancellation fee for closing your account. This fee alone will cover the cost of the terminal.

Advice: Buy a terminal. They are cheap – average terminal is $250. Once you own one, it’s yours and you won’t need promotional offers.

Free Terminal