You examine your patients with sincere care and concern – truly caring for their health and well-being. But,  you also have a practice to run – and that means managing more than just patient care. Receivables and revenue cycle management are critical to any healthcare business.  In order to ensure the health of your practice, you need to improve the payment collection process. We can help, by providing access to the healthcare payment solutions you need to run your practice smoothly. We bring consistent cash flow to healthcare, every day.

Smart Pay has the tools and experience to examine your practice, diagnose the receivables management issues and prescribe a solution to meet your specific revenue cycle management needs.

The Consultation

What are your symptoms? Is there pain in your receivables process?

  • Providers are challenged with not knowing how to charge the patient at the Point of Care.
  • 44% of patients don’t pay because they don’t understand their benefits, deductibles and out of pocket responsibilities, or they don’t recall the service due to gap in timing of statements1.
    • What is your practice’s loss due to non-payment?
  • The average provider/hospital mails 3.3 statements per claim – quick pay patients receive two before paying2.
    • How much do you spend annually on invoicing, post-consultation?

*1 Source: McKinsey survey of healthcare consumers, 2009
*2 Source: MGMA, 2010 Connexion Series

Payment Solutions

You need the proper tools to address these pain points and manage the collection process. Research shows that over 50% of patients are willing to pay with a credit card for healthcare transactions if a good faith estimate of upfront costs is provided for a typical physician visit or outpatient procedure1.

We are more than just a payment processor. We specialize in payments technology, including customized EMR systems. We can create a system specifically for you, or seamlessly integrate with your existing system. Many software/POS companies do not let you know there are options for choosing a payments provider most systems. Lets see if we can keep your existing EMR in place while giving you better service and increased payment flexibility.

Evaluate solutions that can help you address:

  • Estimation:
    Utilize fee schedules and eligibility to determine a patient’s responsibility and collect at the time of service
  • Front or Back Office Payments:
    Accept payment at the time of service, on the phone or by mail
  • eStatements:
    Ability to present Patient Statements online for point and click payments
  • Patient Payment Portal:
    Give patients a simple and secure way to pay online 24/7/365
  • Payment Plans:
    Ability to setup installment, recurring or “save card on file” payment plans (including ACH/echeck)

*1 Source: McKinsey survey of healthcare consumers, 2009