Mobile Payments

Is giving a great dining experience to your patrons important to you? Great food, service and the overall experience contribute to your customers’ decisions to patronize your restaurant again. Typically, the last service interaction in your guests’ dining experience is paying the bill. What happens when the last memory of an otherwise great experience is frustration with completing the payment? Our job is to ensure you do not have to answer this question. Remember: payment is part of the dining experience.

Welcome to Smart Pay. Creating a great processing experience at the restaurant point of sale and terminal is important to us. For more than 7 years we’ve catered to the processing needs of restaurants across the country. We understand the unique needs of restaurants when it comes to processing of payments – quick availability of funds, tip adjusts, PCI solutions and data encryption, excellent service around the clock and comprehensive reporting.

Take a moment to learn about our innovative and secure payment solutions that allow you to provide your customers with the payment choices they want, while also helping you grow and better manage your business.

Payment Acceptance

Today’s diners expect the complete package: exceptional food quality and customer service each and every time. This includes ease of payment. Diners expect to be able to pay their way, quickly and without hassle. We provide direct connection to all major networks, making payments simple and hassle-free for your customers with Credit, Debit, and EBT options.

We also offer gift card and loyalty programs. These are powerful ways to attract and retain new customers! Restaurant gift cards also give visibility and help establish your most important asset – your brand.

Terminals and Gateways

Smart Pay understands payment-processing needs are as unique as your business. Whether you offer a fine dining experience with the need to add gratuity, or a fast experience at a quick establishment, we offer restaurant point of sale system software, terminals and gateways that allow you to customize payment options and processing equipment to fit your needs.

We would like to invite you to let us do what we know best, so you can continue to do what you know best – providing great food and service to your customers.

Card Data Security

The unfortunate truth is that data breaches are proving to be a reality to more and more small businesses. Thieves are targeting smaller operations more and more as larger companies are adopting the necessary security enhancements to fend off attacks. Smart Pay offers TransArmor, an innovative bundle of solutions, including Encryption and Tokenization, that can be used together or separately to help protect your business and your brand from the devastating effects of a breach.

Data and Reporting

The restaurant business often means long hours of operation, and then there’s the back office work, too. With our online data and reporting system, you’ll have quick, easy, and secure access to critical reports, monthly statements, and detailed transaction data, anytime, anywhere – and without all the paper. Yes, you’re bookkeeper will love you for this gift J