POSWith merchant services for retail locations, every transaction is critical. You need every card swipe, keystroke and mouse click to be flawless. Your customers want their transactions to go smoothly, and bumps in the road mean lost sales and frustrated customers.

We understand our retailers businesses, because they are important to us. As a national merchant account provider, we partner with businesses both large and small, so we know firsthand that different businesses have different needs. We work with you to gain a deep understanding and then develop payment-processing solutions for your retail point of sale and beyond.

Payment Acceptance

Customers want choices, so the more options you provide, the more you can focus on growing your business. We provide direct connection to all major networks; we make payments easy for your customers with Credit, Debit, and EBT options.

We also offer gift card and loyalty programs. These are powerful ways to attract and retain new customers! And for those of you who need a check program, we help you take checks, with many options for acceptance.

Terminals and Gateways

Smart Pay understands payment-processing needs are as unique as your business. Whether you’re a small boutique clothier or a large auto parts store, we offer terminals and gateways that allow you to customize payment features and processing equipment to fit your needs. Leaving you to focus on what you know best – your unique business.

Card Data Security

The unfortunate truth is that data breaches are proving to be a reality to more and more small businesses. Criminals are coming up with more and more clever ways to get cardholder data. That’s why Smart Pay offers TransArmor, an innovative bundle of solutions, Encryption and Tokenization, that can be used together or separately to help protect your business and your brand from the devastating effects of a breach.

Data and Reporting

In the busy retail world, you have little time to stop and make a service call, and if you do, ten minutes on the phone seems like an eternity. Smart Pay’s powerful online data and reporting capabilities give you access to your payment information anytime, anywhere. You’ll have quick, easy, and secure access to critical reports, monthly statements, and detailed transaction data, all in one easy to access location. Yes, you’re bookkeeper will love you for this gift.